If you have been suffering from panic, fear, anxiety, trauma, grief, negative thinking, or almost any other unwanted mental or emotional pattern…

Private One-on-One Help Gives You the Fast, Lasting, Automatic Changes You’ve Always Wanted, in the Comfort of your Own Home 

Keep Reading to Discover Why My Unique and Scientifically Proven Approach Allows Me to Offer a Full Money-Back Guarantee

YES! If you’ve been burdened by unwanted mental or emotional patterns that have been limiting you and causing you overwhelming pain… then, together we can free you so that you’ll effortlessly think, feel, and behave the way you want to instead.

Now, this is a very big claim, especially since nothing you’ve tried up until now has helped you achieve this.

So, don’t take my word for this. Instead, take a look at the testimonials below…

I saw Michael for just 7 minutes - that was all it took for him to totally wipe out my very difficult and distressing problem.

In all my years as a doctor I haven’t known any psychologist or medical professional who can create change of that magnitude so quickly, but the results speak for themselves: two years down the track the problem is still gone and it happened so automatically and easily.”


“I felt anxious every time I left my house and it had a big impact on the way I was living my life. It was a bad situation.

Eight months ago I spent 45 minutes with Michael and what he did was amazing. I can't explain it, but after working with him I felt calm and relaxed and my anxiety associated with leaving the house is no longer a problem


“I had a very intense phobia which effected me for the last 15 years. I didn’t think it was possible, but after working with Michael for less than an hour, it’s completely gone. The amount of enjoyment that’s in my life now is amazing!”


Now, these are just bite-sized quotes of what’s possible. So let’s go deeper. Below, you’ll find a video of Sara Nightingale talking about working with me and how each session led to a…

‘Massive Immediate Change’

As Sara explains, I helped her with a range of important issues. Together—one session per issue—Sara and I eliminated:

  • ‘An absolute fear of speaking’
  • A long-term anger issue,
  • A long-term addiction to smokingAnd more

Then, in another session, we helped her become ‘a happier person (something, which as she says in the video, was so amorphous to her at the time that even she couldn’t wrap her head around what she specifically wanted.)

As she says with a big smile on her face after that single session…

‘I Am A Happier Person’

To quote Sara from the video . . .

‘[From] releasing me into a happier life, after releasing me from an angry life, and then [changing] these little behaviours along the way, it’s been quite a journey of unlocking various things that held me in limitation throughout my life.

It’s really amazing what you do. I don’t even know how to explain it, but I know that it works, and I know that it’s easy.

I like that I’m NOT spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to sit here and talk about my problems [as is so common with traditional therapy where ‘nothing really changes’].’

It’s wonderful to just say:

  • ‘I don’t like this’
  • ‘I don’t like the way that feels’
  • ‘I prefer the way this feels’
  • ‘I wish I could do this or that’

… and then we do that. We make that happen, together.’


Now, not everyone gets instant results like this for every issue. Sometimes change does take a little longer. However, obviously, it’s still easily worth…

A Few Hours Together To Positively Transform The Rest Of Your Life

Here’s an example of the dramatic difference we can create for you...

Below, you will see a photo of a Christmas card from a client in Canada who was suffering from several, serious, intertwined issues:

  • Panic
  • Agoraphobia
  • PTSD, and
  • A Decade-long Phobia

Together, these issues were robbing her of a normal life. Even just THINKING about driving, shopping, going to work, or leaving the house to play with her children in the park was terrifying.

We worked together for eleven sessions (the longest I've worked with a client, in the last few years, without moving onto other issues). Together, with her tenacity, grit, and utilising everything that worked for her... we turned things around in a dramatic way.

In a world where it is commonplace for people to get stuck in therapy for years or decades with little or no improvement, even eleven sessions is but a tiny investment of time together to…

Finally, Be The Way You Want To Be.

Once all of this was accomplished, as with many clients, she asked me to help her make a less urgent change—to change her eating patterns—which we did in a final session.

NOTE: Due to this client’s career she requested I crop out her name.

Here’s another example of how just a few hours can positively transform the direction of your entire life forever...

Plane Crash Nearly
Kills Pilot’s Career

A student pilot, on the path to becoming a commercial airline pilot, contacted me for help after crashing his plane while flying solo.

Fortunately, he was OK, physically.

Unfortunately, despite his immense bravery in willing himself back into the cockpit, he was plagued by constant, horrifying thoughts of crashing again.

As he told me on the phone, ‘I [always] knew I would be a pilot one day’. But now that dream, which was so close to becoming a reality, was nearly dead.

We worked together for two sessions so that he could fly solo without any fear or anxiety.

Then, due to COVID, we had to wait until commercial passenger jets were flying normally again for his training and career to progress.

Two years after our two sessions, I followed up with him again, and this is what he said…

‘I’m absolutely fine, I've competed my course last year and now I'm [a] fully qualified first officer now and flying [a] passenger jet across Europe! Love every minute of it!

Things that used to bother me are long gone and I fully enjoy what I've always wanted to do - fly!

I'll always be grateful for all your help… and dedication. You are truly on the mission and you change people's life.’

Yes, I Am On A Mission

Two and a half decades ago, in my university library, I stumbled across the unique and unparalleled work of Milton Erickson, M.D.

More than four decades after his death, Erickson is still widely revered as the greatest therapist who ever lived.

The world’s largest psychotherapy conference is still held in his honour every four years.

And Erickson’s legacy continues to grow through the many influential approaches he inspired (which include strategic therapy, solution-focused therapy, NLP, feedback-informed treatment and, of course, his seminal scientific contributions to modern hypnosis).

A photo of Milton H. Erickson, M.D which sits in my office (a gift I received from one of his daughters, which hangs in my office. Watermarked here so that it can’t be copied or used without permission of the Erickson family, by request).

Erickson was the Einstein of therapy. The only difference is that, while Einstein was able to formalise his theories into precise mathematical equations that any physicist could understand, very few people have been able to replicate even portions of Erickson’s genius.

(Psychology is a soft science, in its infancy compared to the breathtaking precision and rigour found in physics and other hard science, from which I originate).

Mastering Erickson’s skill-set has been my all-consuming daily passion for the last two and a half decades.

And while I’m NOT the genius that Milton Erickson was—no one is—I’ve left no stone unturned in my quest to master what he did.

This, along with being friends with and being mentored by some of Erickson’s most brilliant students—many who have taken elements of his work far beyond what even he did—means that we can do certain things better and more effectively than even Erickson could.

When we work together, I bring all this to the table.

“To me it was magical. (Michael) is extremely gifted”


“You saved my life”


Two Decades Of Paid-On-Results Experience

Over the last two decades and more, I’ve worked on a no-change-no-pay basis, with clients from over 103 countries with all kinds of problems.

Everyone from:

  • Billionaire clients who had achieved everything—with a rare level of tenacity, brilliance, and a never-give-up attitude—but then struggled to do even basic things like talk to employees, or leave the house…
  • Executives who seemed to have it all, but were lost in a world of stress and depression…
  • Hollywood directors and actors—people whose work you’ve likely enjoyed—who, after years of smaller gigs, became paralysed with panic after suddenly landing dream roles…
  • Music legends, whose music I listened to on the radio growing up, but who have secretly always felt anxious (a feeling which became magnified under the scrutiny of fame)… 
  • Doctors, psychologists, professors, scientists, elite athletes, judges, authors, and other very successful people who appeared to have it all, but were in a daily world of pain and anguish.
  • Amazing everyday people who were prisoners of unhealthy eating patterns, crippled by grief over the loss of a child, stuck in negative thinking, lacking in confidence and self-belief, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Helping people break free as QUICKLY as humanly possible from psychological pain and struggle has been my all-consuming obsession for over two decades.

I’m on a mission to make the biggest difference I can, and I’ve gone to extreme lengths to fulfil it.

When we combine MY tools, experience and expertise, with YOUR inner resources—resources that are ALREADY inside you, whether you know it yet or not—we can achieve everything you want together.


“I went from unable to leave my house, barely eating, unable to be around family and friends to getting my life back.”

Why This Is Far More Than
Just A Job For Me

If you know my story then you know that I’ve faced and overcome huge challenges myself.

Several years ago I was in a wheelchair. I was getting weaker every day, and most people had given up on me.

Two doctors and a physical therapist even told me that I’d never walk again.

Nothing was working. The best doctors didn’t even know what was wrong with me. But, I was never going to give up.

Luckily, one day, I stumbled across a physical therapist who just did things differently.

She believed I could walk again; she was highly intelligent and systematic, and she was on the leading edge of the latest research.

Today, thanks to her help, I can walk, run, and dance with my daughter.

Only after I was able to walk again did I discover that I had multiple sclerosis.

I defied the odds through tenacity, determination, a never give up attitude, some undeserved luck (I don’t have the worst form of MS like my mother, who is paralysed from the neck down) and, importantly,…

World-Class Help

This is why I work so very hard—every single day (just ask my wife!)—on my craft.

It’s also why I don’t give up on other people easily (no matter how many people already have).

I know what it’s like to be desperate, unable to find the right help, and in a world of pain and anguish.

I also know that breakthroughs RARELY require trying harder. Instead, they typically require a paradigm shift.

When we work together, we’re going to go FAR outside the regular therapy or coaching box you may have been stuck in.


You are the best [,] many Doctors could not help me. Thanks a lot for such a unique way to help. My life changed for good. Lots of love”

(Instead Of Endless Talking)

My good friend, Dr Scott Miller, developer of feedback-informed therapy, heads up The International Centre for Clinical Excellence and is one of the world’s leading scientists researching what works in psychological therapy. He sums up, perfectly, what the scientific research reveals about clinical psychology:

“What’s the difference between a trained therapist and a compassionate friend? Look at outcomes and you are likely to be disappointed. For example, studies comparing [seasoned, highly-credentialed] professionals to students either find that the latter group [the students] achieve significantly better results or, at worst, the same!”

If you’ve seen several therapists, you don’t need yet another ‘compassionate friend’. You need RESULTS.

Scientific research shows that:

  • endless active listening,
  • digging around in the past for supposed ‘root causes’,
  • psycho-education that prioritises insight and intellectual understanding,
  • and attempts to use logic and rationality to change powerful emotional responses...

… are, at best, highly ineffective.

And yet, most therapy is still based in those unhelpful directions.


“I suffered from panic disorder and false alarms for around 20 years. You gave me my freedom back and that is priceless”

“So Drastically Different Than Anything I’ve Ever Done. It’s Been A Life-Changer For Me… And Fun!”


Instead of following the crowd, we’re going to follow what research has shown works best.

We are going to:

  • Be strategic and goal-oriented so you get the results you want as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Focus on the present and future (which, unlike the past, we CAN change).
  • Prioritise change (not insight, nor ‘head-knowledge’).
  • Create deep, lasting emotional shifts that allow you to automatically and effortlessly be the way you want to be.


“Not only I got my life back, I really feel like a better person than ever before. I feel like I can deal with anything. No amount of thanks will ever reflect the gratitude I hold in my heart for you”

The Science Of
Automatic Change,
Without Willpower

Most people assume that significant change requires significant willpower.

Sometimes that’s true, but very often it’s NOT.


Research spanning the last 130 years, starting with the work of the Nobel Laureate Ivan Pavlov and continuing up until the present day, reveals that our brains have at least two very different ways of learning and responding.

The Nobel Laureate, Daniel Kahneman, personified these as metaphorical ‘systems’ in his best-selling book, ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’. These he named:

System 1: A Fast, Automatic, Unconscious System which controls all our involuntary patterns of emotions, thinking, and behaviour (whether helpful or not), and...

System 2: A Slow, Effortful, Conscious System which requires willpower, vigilance, and continued concentration.

As Kahneman states in his book:

‘When we think of ourselves, we identify with System 2, the conscious, reasoning self that has beliefs, makes choices, and decides what to think about and what to do. Although System 2 believes itself to be where the action is, the automatic System 1 is the hero…’.

Kahneman goes on to share extensive evidence that the automatic operations of System 1 effortlessly originate all the automatic thoughts, feelings and behaviours that shape every aspect of our daily lives.

Now, why is any of this important?

It’s simple:

Trying to use the slow, effortful, conscious System 2 to overpower the fast, automatic, unconscious System 1 is a recipe for agonisingly slow, painful, and fragile change:

  • You have to doggedly and consistently summon all your willpower to consciously think, feel and behave as you’re supposed to.
  • You have to be ever vigilant not to let yourself get unwittingly triggered, or else you have to somehow scramble to recover after the horse has already bolted.
  • And have to accept—and try to win—the raging inner battle against your more powerful automatic responses (which is why any gains can seem so fragile).

This is why most therapy, through its reliance on logic, intellectual insight, talking ABOUT problems, coping strategies, and other System 2 techniques, is infamous for taking so long and being so challenging.

Milton Erickson did things entirely differently. He innovated, developed, and inspired a wealth of unique ways to transform the involuntary responses of System 1 directly.

GUSTAVO ESTRADA | United states

“I feel like I'm living a new life”

How To Create Life-Defining Automatic Changes That Positively Compound Over Time

Most people are aware that the weight of negative life-events and traumas can compound in a person’s life over time.

What few people appreciate, though, is that positive changes can compound over time too.
Milton Erickson was very aware of this, and as a result, he conceptualised state-of-the-art therapy very differently than most:

“Therapy [personal change] is like starting a snowball rolling at the top of a mountain. As it rolls down, it grows larger and larger and becomes an avalanche that fits the shape of the mountain.” — Milton Erickson, MD.

This is another significant advantage of working with the fast, automatic, unconscious System 1.

As Sarah Nightingale shares:

“It was a massive immediate change [that has also] unfolded over time and unleashed a lot of changes going forward.”

And when you transform multiple issues, the changes compound too, as Nathan Hall shares:

“I have had panic attacks since I was a little boy and particularly get triggered when I’m on a plane. After my very first session with Michael, I got on my next plane ride, and I was laughing with my wife. We were laughing! That was an experience I hadn’t had in a very long time. There have been dramatic, impactful shifts that have taken place in me very quickly. This was after the very first session. So imagine doing several and watching your life shift and change dramatically as you go along this path.


“I see life through different eyes. Thank you so much for being here and helping people in need”

Key Research Findings
About Effective, Lasting
Psychological Change

Scientific research into psychological change has now confirmed the immense value of the many contrarian positions Milton Erickson took.

These include:

  • The individual therapist is FAR more important for results than any predefined protocol or method they might use.

    (In fact, the best therapists get at least TEN TIMES better results than their peers following the same methods).
  • The best results come from tailoring EVERYTHING to fit the client, rather than expecting the client to fit into the Procrustean bed of a rigid, predefined method…
  • The best therapists actively seek feedback at every opportunity—both in session and between sessions—because they recognise that feedback is…

An Indispensable Ingredient
For Consistent, Dramatic
Long-Term Success

This is why, after each session, I will follow up with you to find out how well the changes we made during the session have impacted the relevant areas of your life.

  • When what we do works perfectly, we will know we can move on to what’s next on your ’ ‘to change’ list…
  • If we’re on the right track, but you’re not quite there yet, then we’ll know we need to keep going…
  • And if anything we do doesn’t work—and I am human and sometimes miss the mark (plus, sometimes, it does take a little trial-and-error)—then knowing about it ASAP will help us immediately course-correct.


“I'm proud to say anxiety and panic is no longer prevalent in my life and I owe it all to Michael”

Whether you just want to eliminate a giant, agonising problem that has been ruining your life… or whether you want to positively transform a wide range of limiting patterns, over time, so you can be at your ultimate best and enjoy just how amazing life can be, thankfully…

Zoom Or Phone Is All We Need

Recently, I was asked to fly internationally to help a man whose personal and family net worth makes him one of the richest people in the world.

He had experienced panic disorder and agoraphobia for seventeen years and it was getting worse. (There are certain very hard to find good help for problems that money alone will not solve).

Despite my insistence that I could help him enjoy a 100% normal life without any travel required, he repeatedly invited my family and me to visit.

Since we were already about to fly to Australia and could make an additional stop-over on the way home, I accepted his invitation.

However, since it would be a few weeks before we arrived, I recommended he and I quickly do a couple of online sessions first.

Once my family and I landed in his country, checked into our hotel (one of over a hundred his family-owned), and rested a little, our families bonded.

As he and I sat down to talk in his home, I knew he was doing great, but I was ready to make sure he had everything he needed.

He looked at me and stated…

“I don’t need anything. You’ve already helped me with all I need. This is us catching up to thank you for helping me.”

I’ve witnessed first-hand over many years that audio Zoom or phone help is amazing.

My experience has now been confirmed by scientific research, conducted during the pandemic, which found no differences in outcomes between in-person vs telehealth help.

The evidence is overwhelming: we can change your life just by using Zoom or a phone. And while I am open to travelling (depending on my schedule), if someone truly values an even deeper, in-person connection, that is truly a luxury, not a necessity.


“After a virtual lifetime of psychiatrists, psychologists, books, pills, meditation, etc., I [still] experienced anxiety every day.

Now it's gone. So simple, so effective.”

How Our Confidential
One-on-One Sessions Will Work

  1. 1
    We will talk via audio Zoom (or I can call you on a landline phone number).

    Since most of what I do relies on precise timing and internet connections can vary, audio sessions tend to work best.
  2. 2
    Our sessions will last, on average, 90 minutes.

    Getting results as fast as humanly possible is our number one priority, not us punching some sort of time clock.

    So, if you’re like a recent client who knew she’d received everything she wanted and needed after only 15 minutes, we can end the session there.

    On the other hand, if we’re on the verge of a breakthrough and stopping would be counter-productive, we can go a little longer than normal.
  3. 3
    You will have confidential one-on-one support from me via email in-between sessions for anything you need.

    Research shows the best therapists often connect with their clients during in-between sessions, so you’ll be able to email me whenever you need.


“You cured my panic. All I can say is Jesus is good and Michael Norman saved my livelihood. I couldn't be more thankful and relieved.”

“I spent over $7,000USD over four years going to counselling for panic attacks, and it didn’t help. Luckily, I met Michael and now my dreams have come true! I have a normal life again and I can do everything I couldn’t do before. Please believe in Michael. He can help you!”


Guaranteed Automatic Changes

Three confidential one-on-one Zoom sessions with me is just $990, and in keeping with the no-change-no pay policy I’ve always offered, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee:

If, within the seven-day period after our third session, you can honestly say you haven’t experienced any positive automatic changes… or if you feel our time together hasn’t significantly improved your life in any way… then just let me know, and I’ll give you a full refund.

Since I will be taking your word as gospel regarding the changes you experience, please only do this if you’re an honest person. I put a HUGE amount of effort and energy into working with my clients, and I know of no one else in the world who is prepared to work this way.

Obviously, the above guarantee doesn’t promise you will fully resolve any and every challenge you face within three sessions. Given the complexity of people’s situations, no one could ever guarantee that. I guarantee exactly what I stated above and, needless to say, we can do further sessions if you need.

As mentioned earlier, some clients want help to automatically transform multiple areas of their lives. After you experience how impactful and life-changing these first three sessions are, then we can discuss options for additional or ongoing help in other areas, if you choose.


“I was told I would need to see a psychiatrist and go on meds. That's when I started researching. I stumbled upon Michael Norman and my life was forever changed.

I [am] very aware of how fortunate I am to have been spared years of ongoing anguish. Thank you forever.”

Limited Spaces

While it’s exciting for me to watch amazing people make amazing changes—and to see and hear how their life blossoms over time—it often takes a lot out of me.

I put everything I have into each session, and I work even harder during in-between sessions, honing my craft (something that research shows is the #1 difference between world-class therapists and the rest).

I go to extreme lengths to be the best I can be—and I also need to take care of myself, too. This is especially true since I still have multiple sclerosis (which, typically, only makes itself known to me when I am tired).

For these reasons, I limit myself to doing a maximum of two to three sessions per day.

Along with this, my existing clients always get priority. Once you’re a client, I’m here for you for the long-term, to assist you with any future challenges you may face.

All this means that my time is limited and, therefore, so too are spaces to work with me.


“After 14 years) I no longer have panic attacks

I had so many failures before, nothing really helped me, but I’m at the opposite side right now.

At this moment, as I’m sitting here, I’m more than happy to tell you that I no longer have panic attacks and I’m panic free for about 3 years.

The Next Step

To sign up now while spaces remain, simply click on the button below. (If the button is greyed-out, it means that I am fully booked at the moment).

After you’ve entered your details, you’ll be asked to fill out a short confidential form detailing what you’d like my help with first, and then you'll be taken to my scheduler to choose a time for your first session.

If I feel there is any reason I can’t help you, I’ll issue a full refund immediately.

And remember, you’re fully protected but my 100% money-back guarantee:

If, within the seven-day period after our third session, you can honestly say you haven’t experienced any positive automatic changes… or if you feel our time together hasn’t significantly improved your life in any way… then just let me know, and I’ll give you a full refund.

While every day is an irreplaceable gift, any day with unnecessary suffering is a tarnished gift. This is why I’m so committed to helping you finally eliminate the pain and struggle you’ve been experiencing… so that you can finally experience the joy of effortlessly being the way you want to be.



P.S. You’ve heard a lot, above, from past clients. Here’s what two doctors, one of Italy’s leading psychotherapists, and a neuroscientist have to say about my work…

“No one else DOES or CAN do, what Michael does”


I'm a medical doctor who’s had a full time psychological practice for 15 years, and I've known Michael for almost all of this time.

No one else DOES or CAN do, what Michael does.

He possesses a deep understanding of the research, spanning several scientific fields - from the psychological, to the biological, and to the medical.

He has very rare skill-set as a therapist.

He’s never been afraid to go against or stand up to the "system".

And on top of this, he’s been able to package his approach in a way that's simple enough for anyone to use for themselves.

“A rare example of great clinical skills”

(Co-Director of The Italian Center for Single Session Therapy).

Michael Norman is a rare example of great clinical skills, deep knowledge of the scientific literature, and an extraordinary ability to teach the general public.

Having the continuous pleasure of discussing psychotherapy issues and Ericksonian hypnotherapy with Michael, I have first hand experience of his great knowledge and attention to human behavior, and how to help people create positive changes in their lives. His "Panic Free" program is a good example of how to translate decades of scientific books and articles about fear, panic and phobias, in a useful mainstream language.

I strongly recommend Michael, both for people who want to be helped in finding quick and effective ways to solve their problems, and for those who want to increase their knowledge about anxiety, therapy and hypnotherapy.

“Major shifts in even the most chronic and debilitating of anxiety based states.”

(Author of Persuasion in Clinical Practice: Helping People Make Changes)

“I have known Michael Norman for a long time and Panic Free is exceptional. It’s a refined tool-kit that will promote major shifts in even the most chronic and debilitating of anxiety based states.

As a Family Physician I know that up to 1 in 3 of my daily consultations has an underlying psychological presentation at its core. If more of my colleagues knew how to effect rapid lasting change using what Michael teaches in Panic Free, they would be able to make significant inroads into the heavy mental and emotional burdens people carry.

I highly recommend this programme not only to individuals suffering with panic attacks, but also to health professionals who are seeking a swift, reliable, results oriented process to use with patients, that’s based on the latest science”.

Neuroscientist: “Michael does what no one else on the planet can do!”

“As a neuroscientist specialising in mental health [doing psychedelic research at one of the world's leading institutions], I believe in people's ability to heal from psychological issues. However, as someone struggling with severe anxiety, my life was shrinking, and I seemed unable to apply my own wisdom to myself. I felt like a huge fraud.

Since my teenage years, after two challenging experiences with psychoactive substances, I dealt with recurring dissociative panic attacks and persistent rumination. My baseline anxiety was extremely high, and I felt agoraphobic. Large, open spaces triggered an overwhelming sense of unreality, making me feel as if I were 'floating.' This caused me immense social and professional issues. Above all, I longed to be my relaxed, carefree self in all situations.

Michael's work has completely transformed my life. He does what no one else on the planet can do! I am incredibly grateful to Michael, and urge anyone dealing with any limiting state/psychological pattern to get in touch with him. Our deepest-held beliefs about our inability to recover are mere illusions. These misconceptions dissolve when we tackle the root causes of our issues. Crucially, this doesn't require brute force. It's all about simply changing strategies. Thank you so much again, Michael!”
[Name excluded, by request, due to understandable professional reasons.]

Dramatic, Automatic Changes In Two Sessions, After Eight Years of Regular Therapy and Medication Had Failed

* Apologies for the less than perfect internet connection when this was recorded.

“After the first call with Michael, I learned that change can be automatic and I was absolutely astonished because I’ve never experienced that in my entire life.”

Session #1 - Eliminating Fear of Certain Family Members

“Our discussion in the first call was about the narcissists in my life. I was feeling a lot of fear, and a lot of anxiety around these people I had in my life for a long time, but I just didn’t know how to deal with them. After our one-on-one call, the panic just went away, the anxiety went away. It was as if I’d never had any problems.”

Session #2 - Ending Panic Disorder

“[After the second session] Panic attacks were no longer an issue for me and I didn't worry about it anymore, it didn't have any fear. Before I panicked constantly thinking ‘gosh, when’s the next panic attack coming?’. But after the two sessions, it was a non-issue. I found out how quickly [I could] change that response.”

What else did you try before working with Michael?

“I’ve tried a lot of things in the past to try to deal with my anxiety. I had regular talk-therapy for 7 or 8 years, and medication, and nothing really helped that much.

And then when I started having panic attacks I really felt pretty desperate. I didn’t really have any idea what to do, and I didn’t think anything would really help.

How is working with Michael different to traditional therapy?

“The way that working with Michael one-on-one is different from traditional therapy is that [you] experience an amazing change really quickly. After our first call, I was so calm and serene and I had never been calm in my life. I was just astonished!”

What do you say to people who worry that it's too good to be true?

“Before you try it, it does seem too good to be true, ‘there’s no way a person could help me in one or two sessions, that’s ridiculous’. But then I had the sessions and it worked. It’s true, it really helps, it’s amazingly effective. Really, for a person with anxiety and panic attacks, it’s a like a dream come true.”


I suffered from daily/weekly driving panic attacks for more than 30 years.

It’s been a living hell, dominating [my] thoughts everyday because I always had to drive somewhere.

The fear is gone! Finally I can simply drive my car. Thank you and I am forever grateful!

I really feel like finding you has been the highlight of my 2022 (maybe
the highlight of my past 30 years, with the exception of my wedding day and
the day of the birth of my daughter!)”

Dramatic, Life-Defining Changes Others Have Experienced, Continued...

Literally saved my life. I went from counsellor to counsellor and nothing could help permanently. After 2 years of ongoing emotional agony, grief and pain, I am finally free! I feel like my soul broke through the chains and I am reborn!”


I've gotten more out of this than I EVER got in 30 years of therapy. That's saying a LOT, believe me! Seems like a miracle to me, and I don't even believe in such things.”


Changed my life. Shifted years of negativity and fear of people in authority in approximately ten minutes. And then the knock on effects changed unforeseen other problems.”


I became housebound and had to resign from my job, I could not handle getting out of bed. Today I stand as a new man. More than that, a free man, more positive and capable than ever.”


My shyness has vanished. The change has indeed been effortless because I am not plowing my way through by willpower or anything like that, it is just happening!”


Thank-you, thank-you Michael for giving me my freedom back! It's a new world and a New Day. What a difference you have made in my life already.”


“I feel like a burden has left my shoulders. I feel like a better version of myself. And it has flowed on into other areas of my life too.”


“My GIANT problem is gone!”


“I gave up alcohol after being an alcoholic for over 10 years and I haven't felt the need nor the desire to have a drink in 3 years. I was a very depressed, stressed, anxious person. Now I am happy & calm. My friends say I am a completely changed person!


“I could literally feel the change immediately


I have lost 19 pounds miraculously. I sleep like a baby. And I couldn't be happier.”


“I am so excited to be feeling like me once again!


“I experienced major food binging episodes up to 4 times a week, for the last 13 years. After working with you, Michael, I feel as though my body is breathing a sigh of relief as I am no longer overfeeding it with too much food and sugar. I am soooo much happier with life in general and I will be forever grateful to you Michael for what you have done for me.”


"I stopped smoking and drinking altogether and more positive people and business opportunities have moved into my life”


“Thank you so much for dedicating your life to this - you are a gift



Who is this NOT a good fit for?

While Skype Sessions are amazing for most people, they're NOT a good fit for anyone who is suicidal or has thoughts of hurting themselves. It would NOT be responsible of me to try to look after anyone in physical danger from the other side of the world. If this fits you, then please find a local professional who can look after you ASAP.

Who is this a good fit for?

This is for you if:

  • You already take full responsibility for your life but you just need some help (as we all do from time to time)…
  • You’re 100% committed to “playing full out”, knowing that we’ll only get optimal results if we work as a team, with BOTH of us each giving 100%…
  • You’re ok IF we need a little trial-and-error to get things exactly the way you want. The human brain, scientifically speaking, is a ’complex non-linear system’. This means that even with perfect knowledge, no one could predict with 100% certainty what will work best ahead of time. The path to success will be paved with your honest feedback so we can make any adjustments, if needed, as we move towards your goals.
  • You’re totally happy to put in the work IF needed. While this is about us helping you create the life-defining changes you’ve always wanted, as QUICKLY and EASILY as humanly possible, sometimes effort IS required (and if you aren’t willing to invest effort into your own life and future, then that would probably be a sign of a far bigger problem).

Are the changes always automatic?

All real change is automatic—otherwise you haven’t changed fully, you’re still trying to.

Fortunately, most of the time, we can help you make these automatic changes DURING the session by ‘wiring’ in new patterns, in real-time, as we speak.

Sometimes though—especially with challenges where avoidance has been the central problem, such as with 'panic disorder’ and agoraphobia—effort WILL likely be required. You will also likely need to go outside your comfort zone to create the automatic, effortless, lasting freedom you desire. This is important as people with panic or agoraphobia who insist on NEVER being even a little bit uncomfortable, end up being stuck with it forever (a FAR worse fate). Thankfully, I also have ALL my ‘Automatic Change’ skills to make the process as EASY, COMFORTABLE and FAST for you, as humanly possible.

Can I do just one session?

I don’t offer single sessions as it’s not a good format to guarantee results. After all, we might have a total miss in our first session. Having three sessions means we have the opportunity to use real-world feedback in between sessions to make any necessary adjustments.


What if I only need a single session?

If we totally resolve your challenge in a single session then you can use the remaining sessions for help with ANYTHING else you want. We don’t even need to just focus on fixing problems either. We can help you take things that are already good in your life and make them GREAT.

Do we have to use Zoom?

Not at all. Zoom tends to be the easiest and best, but we could also use Skype or a phone.