Just to make sure that it's absolutely obvious to you that "Panic Free" is one of the best decisions you've ever made... I've decided to give you some surprise, unadvertised bonuses that, together, are worth MORE than the entire price of this program.

(For example, one of these bonuses is a program I created that sold for $99 for almost ten years. However, since I'm focusing on “Panic Free”, I have decided to make this program only available as a free bonus here).

These bonuses are to help you get the most out of life AFTER you've become "Panic Free". This means that it's really important that you FIRST focus on the "Panic Free" program itself.

To avoid any unhelpful distractions, I'll release these bonuses one by one over the next few months, after you've had time to go through the entire “Panic Free” program.

You'll find them when they're ready under the “Surprise Bonuses” menu item, on the menu above.