While I've invested months of hard work, love and passion into making this free series as powerful for you as humanly possible, as with anything in life, your results may vary.

Michael Norman (Panic Free TV)

Results may vary


“How To End The Nightmare Of Panic Attacks”  

Based On The Last 3 Decades Of Scientific-Research Into Panic Attacks & Helping Clients From More Than 103 Countries Around The World...

In this free 4-part “Panic Free TV” Foundation Series, I show you the fastest way to go from wherever you are right now, back to a normal, panic-free life. It's simple science-based help for panic attacks that I promise will make an immediate, dramatic, important difference in your life...

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“No one else DOES or CAN do, what Michael does”


“I spent over $7000 over 4 years, going to counselling for panic attacks, and it didn’t help. Michael taught me 1 technique that quickly fixed me! I have a normal life again and I can do everything I couldn’t do before”


Results may vary

“Eight months ago I spent 45 minutes with Michael and what he did was amazing. I can't explain it but my anxiety associated with leaving the house is no longer a problem”


Results may vary

“I saw Michael for just 7 minutes - that was all it took for totally wipe out my very difficult and distressing problem. In all my years as a doctor I haven’t known any psychologist or medical professional who can create change of that magnitude so quickly, but the results speak for themselves: two years down the track the problem is still gone and it happened so automatically and easily.”


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“I've gotten more out of this than I EVER got in 30 years of therapy. That's saying a LOT, believe me! Seems like a miracle to me, and I don't even believe in such things”


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“Literally saved my life. I went from counsellor to counsellor and nothing could help permanently. After 2 years of ongoing emotional agony, grief and pain, I am finally free! I feel”


Results may vary

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“World-class help for panic attacks, split into 4 easy episodes...”


If you've struggled to find the answers for your panic attacks it's NOT your fault.

In all my years of teaching doctors and medical students, I’ve noticed an unfortunate fact: even in professional circles, panic attacks and anxiety issues are often deeply misunderstood*. Unscientific strategies, outdated ideas, and myths abound.

That's why, in Episode #1, we start by correcting the almost UNIVERSAL myths and misconceptions which have almost certainly hurt you, kept panic in your life, and might have even made you feel weak, isolated and ashamed.

* Unfortunately, this is NOT just my experience talking here. A 2011 study by Professor Martin Katzman at The University of Toronto (published in Prim. Care Companion CNS Disord. Vol. 13-2) found that doctors failed almost 9 out of 10 times to even diagnose panic attacks in their own REGULAR patients.

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If you've felt vulnerable and scared about any of the strange symptoms you’ve had, then Episode #2 will give you immediate reassurance and greater peace of mind...

  • You're finally going to get a COMPLETE explanation of why your mind and body have been acting the way they have...
  • You'll understand WHY you've had all the symptoms you've had (and how anxiety ALONE can harmlessly create them)...
  • You'll gain PROOF that a panic attack CAN'T kill you, make you go crazy, or truly harm you in any way…
  • You'll understand the REAL cause of frequent, ongoing, repeat panic attacks...
  • You'll discover why you should AVOID deep-breathing exercises and techniques...
  • And... I'll share with you the #1 insight from the last 3 decades of scientific research for eliminating panic attacks from your life...

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Have you ever felt that the more you try to break free from panic and anxiety, the tighter its grip over you grows?

Or have you ever thought that you were finally making progress — that you were finally winning the battle — but then something happened and suddenly you found yourself all the way back at the beginning, or maybe even worse off?

It’s enough to make even the strongest, most optimistic person feel defeated at times — and unfortunately, with panic, it’s a very common experience.

That's why in Episode #3 I share with you:

  • The common-sense, instinctual reactions to panic (that everyone with ongoing problems with panic attacks unknowingly and innocently has) that backfire and can maintain or worsen problems with panic attacks long-term...
  • Why distraction techniques, trying to debate anxious thoughts, or just trying to "keep busy" are all harmful long-term strategies...
  • Why I NEVER ask clients to “relax” or “calm down” when I first meet them if they're having a panic attack...
  • And I also give you a scientifically-validated technique that I've used with dramatic success with my 1-on-1 clients to help them stop their panic attacks. This technique is deeply counterintuitive, you've almost certainly never come across it before... but it's backed by multiple randomised controlled scientific trials showing that it really works.

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My definition of “Panic Free” is NOT about coping better with panic attacks — because that means you still have them.

It DOESN’T even mean that you’re able to immediately stop a panic attack as soon as it begins — because, at best, that's just a good start.

What “Panic Free” really means is that:

  • Panic has truly become a total NON-ISSUE for you, in your life...
  • You're naturally and effortlessly as panic-free, care-free and “normal” as anyone else you know... without having to even think about it...
  • You enjoy an UNRESTRICTED life: you can go where you want and do what you want — shop, travel, drive on highways, go to the cinema, socialise, fly, etc. — as easily and comfortably as you could before you started having panic attacks...
  • You have no more panic attacks (or anxiety about them) — because panic is truly just a thing of the past for you.

This is our goal for you, and it's what episode #4 is all about.

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Your privacy is very important to me | Privacy Policy

About Michael Norman

Michael is a scientist and anxiety specialist whose work has impacted clients from over 103 different countries. He's talked at medical conferences, taught in Australian Universities, and trained doctors from all over Australia in the art and science of creating lasting psychological change.

All information contained on this website, within materials provided, or communicated by email are intended to be general in nature and should NOT be seen or used as a substitute for individualized medical or psychological care. Please make sure you consult a health care professional in your own city for a complete, personal examination and assessment. While I've made every effort to make this free series as helpful as possible, the fast, dramatic results I've helped my private clients get should not be expected. There is a difference between 1-on-1, face-to-face therapy, and more general online help. In addition everyone is unique and results vary from person-to-person.