Stage 1 Bonus Q&A


QUESTION: “I just want an instant technique that fixes me. Can I skip Stage 1 and go straight to the magical techniques?”

I think Randy Pausch said it best in his book “The Last Lecture”:

“Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. You’ve got to get the fundamentals down because otherwise, the fancy stuff isn’t going to work.”

For most people, Stage 1 is actually the most important stage in the whole program, because it’s all about changing the way you perceive, think about, and understand the problems you’ve had with panic.

Remember: the only reason problems with panic persist is because of the “attempted solutions” people innocently use in an effort to try and fix their situation. Stage 1 is key in shifting those “attempted solutions” so that you never have to suffer from panic again.

And while I have several “magical techniques” to give you from Stage 2 onwards (and you already have the technique I mentioned in Episode 3 of my free “Panic Free TV” video series, which you can be using right now)… no “magical technique” will work for you long-term if you have the wrong foundation.

There is a big problem with wanting one “magical” technique:

It’s based on the very same all-on-none-thinking that so often plays a key role in keeping people stuck with panic for years.

An attitude that, if X technique doesn't seem as “magical” as wanted, discard it and try to find something more “magical”—until that next thing doesn’t seem magical enough either.

(Another common kind of all-or-none thinking with panic is “if I don't feel 100% safe, I won't do it”).

Again, the truth is that while many of the techniques I give you here might seem “magical”… they will only work fully if you have the right foundation first.

Stage 1 is all about giving you this essential foundation; a foundation that will ensure the rest of your life is Panic Free.

“Panic Free” isn’t about one or two techniques.

It’s a SYSTEM.

A system not just made up of techniques, but even more importantly... a new way of thinking, seeing, and understanding.

If I could just give you a short logical synopsis—or if I could just skip the foundations and give you 1 technique and still get the same results—I would.

However, like any competent architect will tell you... a skyscraper is only able to reach into the clouds, because it has the right foundation.

Each story in “Panic Free” has been included for a very important reason (even if you only discover what that reason is later).

Each PDF contains essential information (so please read them all, carefully).

And since I’ve been very deliberate with my sequencing, please follow along step-by-step.

If you do this, and if you take the time to grasp the key concepts in Stage 1 (a stage that’s so important, I recommend you watch it at least TWICE)… you’ll be rewarded with a normal, panic-free life... for the rest of your life.